Cobweb Brooms – Great on Dust Bunnies, Too

There are some places that need sweeping, but a regular broom just will not work. Nooks, crannies, corners, rafters… all the small, tight, hard to reach spaces in a home. It’s in these places that cobwebs and dust bunnies (and in a home where we have dogs and cats and fiber from sheep and goats for our spinning and weaving, we don’t have dust bunnies, we’ve got dust rhinoceruses) reside and multiply.

It is for these places and these things that we make cobweb brooms. These are long, skinny, flexible brooms just right for reaching way up high or for sliding under furniture or behind appliances.

The raw broomcorn or craft corn is first sorted to get enough pieces of the same length, and then the stalk end is soaked for about half an hour in a bucket of water. These soggy stalks are then bound and woven on and over the handle which can be as short as 12 inches (for folks with short ceilings) or as long as 8 feet (for folks with cathedral ceilings.

Because of the length of these brooms, we rarely ship them. The oversize charges are outrageous!