Silking Whisk

Several years ago an elderly lady came into the shop and requested a custom broom. She said her mother used a broom to clean the silk off of the sweet corn and she described it as being smaller than a whisk with a longer handle that could be held like a fat paintbrush. She watched me make a couple brooms until we found one that would work for her and the Silker was born. I’ve since added a scrubber to the other end so you can also use it on your taters! These are about 10 inches long with an inch of bristle at the top for scrubbing, a 3 inch plaited handle and a 5 inch sweep. These small whisk-like brooms are also great at getting crumbs off countertops and tables. I’ve also been told that some folks use ‘em for picking up threads when quilting. Beautiful, unique and functional! It’s bound with wire, plaited with stalk or reed and twine, and stitched once with twine.

You can download this 4 x 6 card… try right-clicking