…Finish a TriWoven Project

Now that you’re done weaving your triangle how do you get it off the loom? And what do you do with it?

When working with the one, two and three foot tri-looms, you are weaving pieces to create clothing or accessories like hats, scarves and purses. When you have finished weaving your triangle, you need to decide how you are going to take it off the loom and what you will be using it for. If you will be joining several triangles along their top edges, to make a baby blanket or a jacket, then simply lift your weaving off the loom. If you want a more finished top edge, then you need to connect the loops through each other.

I start at the upper right corner. If I am going to finish the top edge, I put the weaving hook through the loop on that top right nail. Then I lift the loop off the nail with the hook and push the hook through the loop on the second nail. I pull the loop on the second nail through the first loop, leaving only the loop from the second nail on the hook. Then I pick up the loop from the third nail, bring it through the loop from the second nail and leave only the loop from the third nail on the hook.

Repeat this loop through loop all the way across the top. When you get to the loop on the last nail on the top left, the loop with the slip knot, pull that loop through and then pull the slip knot out, leaving only a tail in the corner. If you need to loosen your work to get the loops to hook together, gently lift the bottom edges of your woven triangle off the loom.

If you are not going to finish the top edge, usually because you want to use those loops to join with another triangle, then just push your hook under the loop on the top right nail and lift it off. Lift off a loop from the top and then one from the side, working from right to left. This will keep you from pulling your weaving. If it is too hard to get off the loom, you are weaving too tightly. Try a looser tension next piece. Use your hook, or a metal crochet hook to pry the threads straight up and off the nails.

Now that you have a woven triangle off the loom – what do you do with it?

Really, the possibilities are endless – but we will start with a simple purse and a scarf.

To make the purse, you need 5 triangles woven on a one or two foot triangle loom.

Do not finish the top edges when you take them off of the loom. If you use wool yarns, you can felt the purse after assembling it. That will make it very tight and strong

Now put two triangles together, top edge to top edge to form a square. Lay them on top of each other on your lap or the table in front of you. Connect them by putting your weaving hook through the top right loop on the top triangle and pick up the top right loop of the bottom triangle. Pull it through the first loop from the top triangle, now you just have the first loop from the bottom triangle on your hook. Use your hook to pick up the second loop from the top triangle and bring it through the first loop from the bottom triangle. Continue across the triangles and pull the tail out at the end. Now join two of the other triangles the same way.

Four of your triangles are now two squares. You can use the same yarn or contrasting yarn for the next steps.

Put the two squares together, back to back and, starting at the top right corner, single crochet around the right side, the bottom and the left edges. The pattern I use is chain 2, single crochet, chain one, single crochet, chain one, all around the 3 edges of the purse.
Then , continuing with the same yarn, chain stitch a strap as long as you would like. Join the strap on the edge where you started joining the squares.

Pick one side to be the front of your purse and using a yarn needle or your weaving hook, whip stitch the fifth triangle to the top edge of the back of the purse to make a flap. You can crochet a single crochet edge around the flap to match the edge around the rest of the purse and chain stitch a little loop at the center point to go around a button.

To make a scarf, weave 12 triangles, make these loose so the scarf will drape better. Finish the top edges when you take them off the loom. Lay out the 12 triangles on a table. The first one, closest to you with the long side to the left and the point to the right. Next put the second one next to and above the first, with the long side to facing to the right and the bottom edge running along the top edge of the first triangle. The center point will be touching the top point. This is better shown in pictures. I will try to get some taken this week.
After you have all the triangles laid out in an order that is visually pleasing, whip stitch them together. This creates a smoother, more flowing edge than crocheting them.

If you need to know how to start weaving on your triangle loom, visit our how to weave on a TriLoom page.

Have fun!