Parlor and Lobby Brooms – A Sizable Difference

The Parlor and Lobby Brooms use the same sturdy construction as the Kitchen Broom, but they’re smaller. The Parlor Broom is made with about one pound of broomcorn on a 36-inch handle, and the Lobby Broom is made with a little over a half pound of broomcorn on a roughly 28-inch handle.

Why smaller? We know that not everyone is as tall as me 🙂 (I’m 6’3″), and we know not everyone needs to sweep a large area. The Parlor brooms are perfect if what you have is a house filled with carpet, but that one room is tile or linoleum or wood. If your whole house has smooth, sweepable floors, but you’re 5’4″, the Parlor Broom might be a better fit, too.

Or, maybe, you want to keep a broom in your RV, or get the kids or grandkids involved in the sweeping chores. The Lobby Broom is perfect for this!