Shawn took up calligraphy way, way, way back. Got good enough that the local community college asked him to teach. But, he set his pens down shortly after that looking for one of those career things that everyone was talking about.

Fast forward about 40 years… He was asked if he remembered enough to teach a brief class to a group of ladies. He said yes, and promptly fell down the rabbit hole.

Now, he’s reorganized his office space (which used to be just set up for relaxing or working on web sites) into a calligraphy studio, and he can be found there almost any time he’s not in the broom shop or helping with the critters. He’s even learning Latin using Duolingo so he can better understand the manuscripts he’s studying.

It’s a deeeep rabbit hole!

Calligraphy - The Lord's Prayer in Latin
His latest piece is the Lord’s Prayer written in Latin.

At present, he has a couple of the packets he put together for the classes he’s taught available for immediate purchase and download on Etsy. You can find the basic one here, and the more advanced version here.