Hearth Broom

Fireplaces and wood stoves are great things to have in a home. They not only provide warmth from a renewable fuel source, but also add a bit of rustic charm. Unfortunately, they also add a lot of debris from the wood and ashes.

Of course, we know how to solve that problem – with a quality hearth broom!

Our hearth brooms are made approximately 27 inches in length with an 18 inch handle. Handles can be from a set, handmade wrought iron from our (or your) local blacksmith, or wood.

Like all of our brooms, our hearth brooms are double bound – once with stout 17 ga. galvanized wire, and again with twine and reed or stalk. Colors can be added to match most any decor, too. For a bit of added flair, we can also stitch a pattern into the broom.