Pot Scrubber Whisk

This tough little broom is perfect for cleaning up your cast iron, but can also be used on all manner of cookware. In fact, you can use it for a lot more than cookware (I gave my wife one to use on my back when I get a really bad itch and my daughter used to use one on her horse like a curry comb – the horse loved it!), and it will last a long time if you follow a few simple guidelines to take care of the broom.

  1. Always hang it up using the attached loop when you’re finished using it.
  2. Always dry the broom out if you get it wet.
    a. The Pot Scrubber is made of broomcorn – a natural fiber – which will mildew if it gets wet and stays wet.
  3. Clean the broom if it gets dirty.
    a. You can clean the broom by rinsing it with very hot water, or soap and hot water if there is grease involved.
    b. You can use vinegar as a dip or spritz to kill off any mildew that might have started.
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